• Why Handmade? "Itna paisa kyun?"

    Buying handmade products represents you supporting the local talent, supporting our heritage, valuing the effort and worth of a dexterous artisan, and appreciating art! There is a significant reason behind the "costly" handcrafted products. 


  • One Too Many I-Diyas

    A diya is traditionally an oil lamp made from red clay. The Brass Diya is our take on the lamp. It is a 3 layered beautiful brass stamped diya, with space in the centre to place a tea light, so the diya can be reused multiple times.

  • One Fold At A Time

    We often entertain guests over for lunch or dinner, on various occasions. In order to make the dining table look presentable, we tend to add a pretty folded napkin along with the basic elements, such as the table mat, cutlery, etc. When we decide to use a napkin ring, we just roll the napkin and place the ring in the middle. Today I decided to try out a few napkin folds, and see which ones look the best with the NHEST Wooden Napkin Rings.

  • Flowers, Dessert, and NHEST

    It was my fathers 58th birthday recently; to celebrate which, we had organised a get-together at home. All his close friends had come over for dessert and coffee, which they enjoyed while cracking jokes and reminiscing good times!

    To serve dessert and snacks, we used cutlery my mother collected over the years, and a few NHEST products too. It was the perfect evening!

  • You can never go wrong, with the Brass Bird Tong

    Our Brass Bird Tongs have been a hit with our wonderful NHEST customers, due to its design and utility. A tong of this size is generally used to serve ice. But there is so much more that you can serve, using this tong. See how I often use this serveware, and hopefully you could use it for the same and more!



  • Warm Cookies and Milk!

    My favourite comfort food, in two of my most loved NHEST products! The gooey, delicious chocolate chunk cookie (a recipe that took me two years to perfect, after episodes of trial and error) on our beautifully stamped Brass Thaali, and its perfect companion, the glass of milk, on our new lotus inspired Wooden Coasters. 

  • Brass Cookie Cutters

    As a child, I was a very fussy eater, and would prefer eating a square roti or a heart shaped roti, instead of a circular one ( making this, is a skill I do not possess), only because it was fun. My love for fun shaped food has continued as it makes me very happy even now. We cannot eat cakes and cupcakes everyday, but we can definitely eat heart shaped crackers and hexagon shaped flat bread often!! I used my Brass Cookie Cutters to make 2-3 food items that are easy, yummy, and fun shaped.