Brass Cookie Cutters

Valentines Day is one of the most exciting days for lovers and friends around the world. One celebrates this occasion by gifting loved ones some red roses, heart shaped cakes, a box full of chocolates, and much more.

Instead of making heart shaped cards for loved ones, and buying beautiful cupcakes with red/pink icing and cute heart shaped sprinkles, I decided to try my Brass Cookie Cutters.

The Brass Cookie Cutters, can be used to shape cookies (as the name suggests), but can also be used to shape tortillas, flat bread, and crackers.

As a child, I was a very fussy eater, and would prefer eating a square roti or a heart shaped roti, instead of a circular one (making this, is a skill I do not possess), only because it was fun. My love for fun shaped food has continued and it makes me very happy. We cannot eat cakes and cupcakes everyday, but we can definitely eat heart shaped crackers and hexagon shaped flat bread often!!


My first attempt was to make whole wheat crackers with sesame seeds. I used my Brass Cookie Cutter - Heart, and Brass Cookie Cutter - Bird, to make these. Even on a day that is not celebrated as the "day of love", one can bake these cute crackers to brighten up their day! It is also a perfect appetiser for a date night, or a sleepover. 


Next, I decided to make some super yummy, but equally healthy theplas (Indian spiced flat bread). Using pearl millet flour, curd, green garlic, pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage, bottle guard and lots of spices, I made the dough for these theplas. These fun shaped theplas are the perfect item for evening snacks, as it is not too heavy, and is healthy. Having them cut in cute shapes, can make these a treat for fussy eaters too, as they look appealing. I used the Brass cookie Cutter - Circle, Brass Cookie Cutter - Heart, and Brass Cookie Cutter - Hexagon, to make these. They pair well with pickle and raita.


Finally, I made some butter cookies. It was my first time making these, so I was very nervous about the outcome, but to my relief, they were perfect! Light, crumbly and yummy! I used my Brass Cookie Cutter - Hexagon, and Brass Cookie Cutter - Bird, for these cookies. I paired the cookie with a white chocolate and cinnamon frosting, and it was delicious!!