Flowers, Dessert, and NHEST

It was my fathers 58th birthday recently; to celebrate which, we had organised a get-together at home. All his close friends had come over for dessert and coffee, which they enjoyed while cracking jokes and reminiscing good times!

To serve dessert and snacks, we used cutlery my mother collected over the years, and a few NHEST products too. It was the perfect evening!


I used the Brass Pipe Stand to keep the napkins. Owing to the wooden walls of the platter, the colours of the napkins looked brighter and more appealing. To match the napkins, I used beautiful pink roses, which adorned the brass pipes (note: the brass pipes can not be used as a vase. They can be used to placed fillers or dried flowers. I had a few extra roses, so I used them, and directly transferred them in water after the event).


I then used my Brass Pipe Platter to serve the spoons. It is the perfect size for dessert spoons, so I was able to make good use of it. This platter can also be used to keep tissue papers or napkins for such an event. I loved how simple the platter is, but acts as an appealing and balancing element in the whole set up.


To serve the dessert, I used two different NHEST products! For the cookies (as shown in my previous post), I used the Brass Bird Tong. It makes serving the cookies much easier, compared to using a big spoon, or worse, having people grab it directly. For the mud pie, I used the Brass Bird Spoon. The spoon has a wide head, which allows a good serving of the dessert to be scooped onto ones plate. Washing the chocolate off both the servewares was also very easy. 


This is just how I liked to use some NHEST products for a dessert party. I would love to know how you use yours!