One Fold At A Time

We have a big family, and we are all so close to each other. Be it first cousins, second cousins, or cousins of cousins. This results in us entertaining guests over for lunch or dinner on multiple occasions.

In order to make the dining table look presentable, we tend to add a pretty folded napkin along with the basic elements, such as the table mat, cutlery, etc. When we decide to use a napkin ring, we just roll the napkin and place the ring in the middle. Today I decided to try out a few napkin folds, and see which ones look the best with the NHEST Wooden Napkin Rings. There are 5 that i really liked, out of which one is my absolute favourite!


The first one I tried is this basic fold. It looks simple, and goes well with a more elaborate setting when you need one unfussy element to bind everything together.

Next I tried to make something like a dog face, but that clearly did not work out. However, I did not dislike the result I got. 

Then I made a fan fold to try out with the napkin ring. The fan fold is a classic napkin fold design, and the thread ruffles on the edges added a fun element to it. This would not go well with a formal dinner setting, but can definitely be used for a brunch with friends or any informal gathering. 

I made the tulip fold afterwards. This has always been one of my most liked folds. It is simple, elegant and so easy to make. It also goes well with all kinds of dinner settings.

This last fold is my favourite! It is called the pineapple napkin fold. The ruffled edges make this so much fun, and I love how well it goes with the lotus napkin ring. Definitely using this for the next dinner we organise.