One Too Many I-Diyas

A diya is traditionally an oil lamp made from red clay. The Brass Diya is our take on the lamp. It is a 3 layered beautiful brass stamped diya, with space in the centre to place a tea light, so the diya can be reused multiple times.

The diya is commonly used when one offers prayers to God, or to celebrate an occasion like Diwali. However, due to the shape of the Brass Diya, it can also be used as a decor item in your house, and is not necessarily meant for the Puja room.


As mentioned earlier, one of the ways to use the Brass Diya, is when you offer prayers. The Diya goes perfectly well with our Brass Thaali, which can hold the flowers, the diya, and sweets or kanku if needed. 


The Brass Diya also looks beautiful when placed as a decor item along with other home decor products at home. Personally, I love how brass goes so well with wood, or shades of blue. Therefore, I placed the diya on our Wooden Coaster, and kept it near the ceramic products on the centre table. The wooden coaster helps the diya to stand out, but in a very subtle way so it does not look too out of place.


 The other way you could place the diya, is to pair it with other brass artefacts around your house. Owing to my mothers beautiful collection of brass artefacts, I found a very pretty diya stand, for the Brass Diya to be placed. 


Last Diwali, our Brass Diya was used as a Diwlai gift for loved ones. Here is how some of them styles it in their home:


There are so many ways to use this diya! It varies according to the choices of each individual. Do share how you would like to style such products!