Warm Cookies and Milk!

Whenever I think about comfort food, there are so many delicious dishes or food combinations I can think of: Hummus and pita, Khichdi and kadhi, Tomato basil soup with buttered toast, but the most favourite one being Warm cookies with milk!!

I recently made a batch of gooey and delectable chocolate chunk cookies. They are my go-to dessert for a loved one's birthday, anniversary, a joyous occasion that needs to be celebrated, or just because one needs a cookie ( do we really need occasions for such yummy nibbles?)

I served the cookies in my Brass Thaali. The beautiful stamped pattern on the plate makes the experience of eating these warm cookies even more enjoyable. This plate can be used to serve sweets, keep rakhis and kanku for Rakshabandhan, or even be used as a Puja plate. But I use it for my cookies!! It took me two years to perfect the recipe for these cookie, and I am so glad I did not give up along the way! 

Though I have used this plate for my cookies this time, it can be used in so many different ways! I used it for Rakshabandhan last year, as it keeps the rakhi, kanku and sweets all together in one plate, which can be held in one hand, while you use the other one to apply the tikka on your brothers forehead. A friend of mine has kept it in the Puja room, since the bowl hold the oil well for the candle to burn, and the plate holds the sweet smelling flowers.


A glass of milk, the ultimate companion for my freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies, was placed on our Wooden Coasters. The shape of the coaster has been inspired by that of a fully bloomed lotus, and is the ideal size of all kinds of glasses ( tried it with quite a few, as we have an array of different shaped glasses at home). 


But this is just how I use my products.

I would love to see how you all use your NHEST goodies in your own creative way!