You can never go wrong, with the Brass Bird Tong

Our Brass Bird Tongs have been a hit with our wonderful NHEST customers, due to its design and utility. A tong of this size is generally used to serve ice. But there is so much more that you can use it for. It may not be very long, but due to its sturdy built and wide mouth, it can be used to serve various dishes.


Recently, I made Jowar (Sorghum) na muthiya. This dish is often served with afternoon tea in various Gujarati households. Since it is steamed and made using millet flour, lots of vegetables, and sesame seeds, it is considered to be a healthy dish. I used the Brass Bird Tong to serve the muthiyas recently, and it turned out to be the perfect serveware for it. It was sturdy enough to hold the muthiya well, but also delicate enough to not break them. The tong can also be used to serve bhajiya, vada, bhakri, and many more Gujarati snacks.


The Brass Bird Tong is my favourite serveware for dessert! It also goes very well with the Wooden Bird Platter, which acts as a sturdy and beautiful base for sweets and dessert. I was able to serve the soft vanilla sponge, and the chewy chocolate chunk cookie with the tong. It did not damage the food at all. The design of the tong is such, that even after you are done using it, you could just place it next to the platter as an accessory, and it looks appealing to the eye!


Infused water is one of my new obsessions! I love trying different combinations, keeping in mind the taste, colour and texture. Few days ago, instead of adding the ingredients directly to the water, I froze them into ice cubes, and then used it. For some, I used fresh strawberries and mint. For the rest, I used rose and saffron. I was so excited to use the ice cubes, as the colour looked fantastic! Naturally, I decided to use the Brass Bird Tong to transfer the ice cubes to the glass. It was very exciting for me while I used this, as the bird looked so pretty with the shades of pink in the ice cubes.


So these are just a few ways in which I use the Brass Bird Tong! I would love to know how you use it!